As many of you know, our family vacationed at the beach last week. I love the mountains and I love the beach. It would be a difficult choice if someone  said you have to retire at one of those areas. Which do you choose? I would probably say, “The one where you give me a place to live!”

At the beach, I can lose myself in just watching the waves roll in. Wave after wave, a continual motion over and over again. Each one a little different. Each one powerful. Each one rolling and no one can stop them. They are coming whether you like it or not.

This past week Emma and our granddaughter Brinley were out (not too deep) in the waves. They were being hit over and over again. They were knocked down and swallowed up by the sea water. Each time, jumping back up to wipe the salt water from there face, only to have it happen again.

I suggested they grab the boogie boards and let the waves ride them in as they broke, so they did. I reminded them that the straps were important to use. Attach it to your wrist and the boogie board remains with you. Leave it off and you will be chasing it. There was a kid not far from us that evidently did not have his parents tell him this fact or they just enjoyed watching their kid chase a boogie board, wave after wave.

As I watched Emma and Brinley on the boogie board and the other kid down the strand, my mind went to an image of our relationship with Jesus and living in this world. So many times, even us Christians, don’t remember to stay attached to the One that can help us. Stay attached to the One that can keep us afloat in an evil lost world. Stay attached to the One that helps us ride out the storms and the waves of life. Stay attached to the One that can save us.

Without that attachment, we find ourselves knocked down, constantly wiping our face from all the heartaches and hard aches of this world. We look up and see Jesus at a distance. Not because of His doing, but ours. We fail to keep Him attached. We allowed the waves of life to push Him away. We do that folks! We certainly can get Him back and attached, but guess what, like the struggle we have in pushing through the waves to go and retrieve our boogie board, we have to push towards Him, fighting the waves of life to retrieve our relationship (attachment) with Jesus. Again, not because He has gone anywhere, but because we have allowed ourselves to be distanced from Him.

Believer, you know who Jesus is and what He has to offer. Why in the world do we allow ourselves to be distanced from the Master? Why do we detach ourselves from the only One who will ride out the waves of this life with us, never leaving us.
Hebrews 13:5 “… for He Himself has said, ‘I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you,’…” This is our Jesus. When Peter was bid by Jesus to come to Him on the water, he was doing fine as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus. But once he glanced at the waves around him, he began to sink. Stay attached to Jesus.

Never let Satan tell you that you are better off, will have more joy, more “fun” if you go it alone. It is simply not true. You may have a moment of fun, but the “fun” of the world is only temporary and has no lasting qualities. If you push Jesus away and chase after the world, you will be chasing joy the rest of your life. If you attach yourself to Jesus, though the waves will come, though you will be tossed to and fro in this world, you will remain safe in the arms of Him who saves you. Remember, the anchor holds if it is Jesus. Stay attached to Him my friends.

Pastor Marty - HOPE Church Raleigh
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“Stay Attached to Him!”

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